Slawomir Heller terminates his employment with HELLER

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, As you may know, I ended my operational activities at HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in April of this year. I am very pleased that the company I founded more than 20 years ago and managed for several years is now one of the leading companies in our industry, also internationally. This is thanks to the exceptional team and the two managing directors, Mr. Henning Balck and Mr. Christian Komma, who have led the company for almost 10 years.

The photo shows the first condition map of Germany, which I developed still in my "TÜV times" in 1991.

HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH will continue to be active in the field of maintenance management of transport infrastructure and will develop and offer innovative solutions and products. As a shareholder, I can promise that the necessary resources will continue to be made available.

I plan to continue my professional activities as a consultant and trainer, both nationally and internationally. I will do this within the recently founded Inframa Consult GmbH (Inframa stands for Infrastructure Asset Management). I will also actively perform my duties as German delegate to the Asset Management Technical Committee of the World Road Association PIARC, where I will continue to be involved in the topic of BIM in asset management.

I very much hope for the continuation of our good cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Slawomir Heller

PS: The photo shows the first condition map of Germany, which I developed in my "TÜV" days.