hiEMS - System for determining the need for maintenance and developing the maintenance program

Roads are one of the most valuable assets of our society. For this reason, suitable and efficient tools are required to secure investment decisions in the field of road maintenance. hiEMS is an established specialist system for maintenance management. It supports the road authorities in identifying and prioritizing the need for maintenance. To this end, the results of the condition survey and assessment (ZEB) and other road-related decision criteria are used as a basis. With hiEMS, the overdue need for maintenance can be determined using transparent rules that can be adapted to the needs of the client. The system aggregates so-called maintenance sections on the basis of the available condition data, submits proposals for the reconstruction, estimates the costs and carries out a prioritization. The results serve as a basis for drawing up the construction program and quantifying the need for maintenance.

Modules and functions

  • Condition assessment adaptable to individual needs
  • Aggregation of the road sections in need of maintenance in order to prepare the construction program
  • Rule-based proposals for maintenance measures
  • Estimation of costs and evaluation of benefits
  • Prioritization of proposed measures using custom attributes
  • Editor for drawing up the construction program
  • Display of maps as a Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Calculation of custom key figures, e.g. for the use of each proposed measure, the mean condition, annual costs etc.


Advantages at a glance

  • Developed in cooperation with road administrations and successfully used for several years
  • Facilitates decision-making processes in maintenance planning and the justification of necessary investment funds
  • Modern web application, i.e. no installation required
  • Intuitive handling
  • Full transparency: The calculation models are parameterized and can be adapted to individual needs by the user.
  • Web Map Service (WMS): The results of the condition assessment, the proposals for the maintenance measures and the planned construction program are provided as maps and can be displayed in the internal geoinformation system of the administration. All lists and key figures can be exported as Excel files.
  • Results can smoothly be integrated into HELLER's current tools such as OnKo3.

hiEMS is a web solution and runs on HELLER servers. The experts at HELLER undertake the data transfer and maintenance of the system.

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