OnKo - Web-based solution for infrastructure management

OnKo is a modern web application for infrastructure management. It is successfully used throughout Europe by more than 4,500 users in the road sector alone. OnKo is known for its ease of use, wide range of applications and very high performance.

By offering specialized views, such as mapsroad profilesroad imagestables and statistics, developed specifically for the management of linear infrastructures, OnKo clearly exceeds traditional geoinformation systems (GIS), in which only a small amount of information can be displayed simultaneously and be used for management due to the limited possibilities of the cartographic view.

The current version OnKo3 is based on our newly developed EVE platform and is thus one of the latest and most flexible web applications in infrastructure management. Users can access information from a wide variety of sources and display it synchronized in specialized views. This unique networking of data and processes saves a lot of time in common research and simplifies decision-making.

Customer-friendly license levels

OnKo3 is available in three options:

  • OnKo3 STARTER includes the most important modules, such as map, road profile and road image. The STARTER option is ideal for quality assurance and analyses of road condition data as well as the presentation of infrastructure data.
  • OnKo3 PROFESSIONAL offers additional functions as well as a flexible handling with different layouts and views. In addition, it can be extended with further modules.
  • OnKo3 ENTERPRISE is the building set for Road Asset Management: Design and extend OnKo3 as you wish.

Practical modules support the most important processes

The OnKo modules developed by experts in collaboration with end users can be adapted to the needs of the respective task and thus enable an efficient and sustainable management of infrastructure or the data and key figures required for this.

Fields of application: inventory management, operational management, maintenance management, safety management, quality management

Professional operation and high data security

Currently, about 250 OnKo projects with a data volume of more than 600 terabytes are hosted on HELLER servers in Darmstadt. Benefit from the many years of experience of our IT experts and the high-performance server infrastructure. We will be happy to provide you with additional information on operating your own OnKo server.

Operating options at a glance:

  • Operation of the OnKo server and hosting of the data at HELLER in Darmstadt
  • Installation and operation in the user's IT environment

OnKo3 training

HELLER regularly realizes user trainings for OnKo3. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.