Quality assurance and acceptance of construction work (QS BAU)

Every year, the federal states and municipalities invest tens of billions in the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. The quality of the construction materials used and the quality of execution have a major influence on the service life of roads and engineering structures. For this reason, it is worth investing in quality assurance. With the right procedures and processes, deficiencies can be identified and remedied at an early stage, thus avoiding unwanted follow-up costs. A suitable quality management concept can also be used to further develop the construction processes, materials, regulations and construction contracts in use.

In the long term, this will benefit road users in particular, as a longer service life also means fewer construction sites and traffic obstructions.

Quality by the right tools

Quality assurance in road construction is a multi-stage process. In addition to the general suitability test of the materials, the acceptance of the construction work after completion and the verification of the requirements before expiry of the warranty play a decisive role. The results of the laboratory tests and the parameters surveyed on site (e.g. evenness and skid resistance) are not only relevant from the point of view of the building contract. Within the framework of a QM system, they can be used for causal investigations, risk assessment and the further development of road construction.

HELLER has been supporting the road authorities for many years in quality assurance. Experienced civil engineers evaluate data from construction inspections and from the condition survey and assessment (ZEB), develop IT tools and assist in designing the required quality management systems.

Services at a glance

  • Expert opinions on evenness, surface distresses and load capacity
  • Development of suitable quality management systems
  • Software solutions for the acquisition and use of quality-related data
  • Advice on issues relating to construction contracts
  • Expert opinions on transfer fees for road construction

Acceptance of construction work

With the tools and evaluations of HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, quality deficiencies can be identified at an early stage and documented professionally. This enables the road administration to demand the tendered quality from the construction companies and to check it appropriately after completion of the construction work. HELLER is a respected expert in the field of condition survey and assessment (ZEB) and supports customers at all levels of road administrations with evaluations of evenness, skid resistance, load capacity and surface distresses.

Warranty Management

Due to the tense personnel situation in the administrations, damage that occurs before the warranty expires often remains undetected. The consequence of this is that the responsible construction companies do not pay for the costs and follow-up costs. HELLER has therefore developed a procedure with which the data of the regularly performed condition survey and assessment (ZEB) can be used for quality assurance before the warranty expires. In many cases, the results have helped to prevent major damage and associated consequential costs.

Quality Management Systems

HELLER supports administrations in the development of customized QM systems. In addition to developing the necessary processes and procedures, this includes setting up suitable IT systems for storing and evaluating quality-related data. These are necessary to be able to systematically evaluate the construction quality. Roads have a service life of several decades. By combining the information from different life stages of the road, valuable insights can be gained for the further development of the construction materials and processes and goal-oriented requirements for the construction contracts can be formulated.

Quality Management as part of Asset Management

Asset Management stands for the systematic and coordinated planning, management and maintenance of an organization's assets. Applied to road construction management, the aim is to ensure the availability and safety of roads while minimizing costs and expenses as well as managing risks. HELLER supports the road authorities in creating these organizational prerequisites. The development of an efficient quality management system in the field of road construction is an important part of this.

Well prepared for quality assurance in road construction

The engineers of HELLER will support you in:

  • the development of a goal-oriented and efficient quality management system
  • issues related to the condition of road infrastructure and construction contracts
  • the processing, evaluation and presentation of quality-related road data
  • the development of software tools for storing and using the relevant information from quality assurance

We will be happy to advise you on site.

HELLER: Quality worthwhile.