Products by HELLER (selection)

OnKo - Web-based solution for infrastructure management

OnKo is a modern web application for infrastructure management. It is successfully used throughout Europe by more than 4,500 users in the road sector alone. OnKo is known for its ease of use, wide range of applications and very high performance. more

Schadstellenmanagement - Recording and management of road damage affecting operations

With the procedure developed by HELLER, any events such as damage due to accidents, potholes and cracks can be efficiently recorded via app, assigned to the road network via GPS coordinate or manually and reported to the central server in real time. more

PMS Core - Pavement Management System

The systematic maintenance of road infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee as resources (budget and personnel) become scarcer. This particularly demands reliable statements on resource requirements or the development of supply quality and substance in the long term. more

hiEMS - System for determining the need for maintenance and developing the maintenance program

hiEMS is an established system for maintenance management. It supports the road authorities in identifying and prioritizing maintenance requirements. This is based on the results of the condition survey and assessment (ZEB) and other road-related decision criteria. more

ZEN – Program for surveying the condition of secondary roads

The ZEN process developed by HELLER for local authorities allows the condition of secondary roads to be efficiently recorded and used for maintenance management. more

hiATLAS - Key figures for the strategic management

hiATLAS is a high-performance tool for the interactive display and use of area and object-related key figures. The modern web application is based on the globally renowned InstantATLAS platform from and was configured and extended by HELLER for use in road administrations. more

ProfileCustomizer - System for creating professional road profiles

Road profiles have been used in railways for more than 100 years and later also in the road sector. They are ideal for decision-making and complex planning tasks. The ProfileCustomizer is a powerful tool for designing and creating professional road profiles. more

SmartMap - System for creating professional maps

SmartMap is a powerful tool for creating professional, technical maps. The system supports the user with an interactive and straightforward menu navigation and offers a large selection of options for displaying road data. more

Aufbaueditor - Software for the collection and quality assurance of construction data

The quality and completeness of the structure data are of great importance for maintenance management and the road sector as a whole. Compared to other data, the collection and coding of road data is relatively complex and involves high effort. more

Mplus - For the efficient management of maintenance measures

Mplus is a web application with which information on road construction measures can be stored and managed centrally and efficiently. All relevant information, such as the location, status and type of the measure up to the financing are taken into account. The details are particularly important for districts with regard to the Municipal Transport Financing Act. more