PMS Core - Pavement Management System

Providing a suitable and efficient transport infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for the mobility of our society and is of great importance due to its economic links. Politicians at the federal, state and municipal levels have realized that the focus must be on maintenance rather than new construction. Thus, the decay of overaged roads must be counteracted and the infrastructure upgraded or expanded on a selective basis. This will ensure that the demands of road users are met in the long term.

In order to meet the requirements of the interest groups mentioned above in the long term, it is advisable to have a network-wide and structured maintenance management system that takes account of the technical, financial and organizational aspects.

With PMS Core, HELLER supports the pavement management system by validating the financial and condition-related effects of maintenance strategies and thus providing a strategic basis for the analysis of network-wide forecasts.

The generated results can be used to develop solutions for the operational maintenance management and serve as a basis for the short and medium-term maintenance planning.

Forecast on demand

PMS Core is an established and expert approved pavement management system. It complies with federal and state standards and delivers reliable results. The optimization processes are state of the art and were documented by Dr. Heller as part of a research project for the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI). The user can customize the forecast model to the needs of the respective application.

Depending on the application, PMS Core can be either purchased as a license or used as part of a service contract. We will be pleased to support you in your choice. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Reliable results as a basis for decisions on maintenance management
  • Implementation of established standards to forecast the need for maintenance
  • Freely configurable forecast model
  • Calculation of budget and quality scenarios
  • Convincing results: key figures, trends, treatment maps and lists
  • Standard export for comprehensive analyses of necessary resources (Access, CSV, Excel)
  • Online visualization of the results with OnKo3

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