Pavement condition survey and assessment (ZEB)

The condition survey and assessment provides information on the need for maintenance of the substance and on the serviceability of the road infrastructure, and is thus an indispensable basis for technical and financial decisions in maintenance management. For more than 25 years, HELLER has been a respected partner of road administrations and has played a major role in the development and improvement of established procedures for the condition survey and assessment. Up until now, HELLER has successfully assessed over 1.6 million kilometers. The company is a member of the relevant committees of the Road and Transport Research Association and advises administrations in Germany and abroad.

For more than 10 years, HELLER has been organizing the annual Exchange of Experience on condition survey and assessment. With about 80 renowned participants from Germany and other European countries, it is the most successful event in this field.

Services at a glance

  • Practical concepts for the condition survey and assessment
  • Preparation of tender documents for the condition survey
  • Project management for the condition survey
  • Quality assurance and schedule controlling
  • Application-oriented evaluation and assessment of condition data
  • Budget planning, construction programs and maintenance strategies
  • Presentation of the results in the technical committees and political bodies

On request, we will organize the local survey activities as well. We only commission experienced and adequately qualified subcontractors for this purpose.

Federal Government and States

Since the late 1990s, the procedure of condition survey and assessment (ZEB) has been used for evaluating classified road networks. The standard developed by the Federal Government is described in the "Additional Technical Contract Terms and Guidelines for Road Condition Survey and Assessment" from 2006 (ZTV ZEB-StB 06). The condition survey is carried out every four years. HELLER has performed the evaluation and assessment in 98% of the projects carried out at federal and state level since 1992.

Administrative Districts

The ZEB procedure has been used successfully for the evaluation of district roads for almost 20 years. HELLER has adapted the evaluation and assessment to the needs of the public authorities and has successfully implemented over 200 projects to date. Several districts have already implemented their third ZEB campaign and were able to use the procedure to significantly improve their financial and personnel situation regarding maintenance and to successfully approve their construction programs in the political bodies.


In many large municipalities, the main roads and the roads with a high significance for traffic are evaluated with the ZEB method. HELLER is involved in the vast majority of projects. In 2018, HELLER is already implementing the fifth ZEB project for the city of Hamburg. HELLER also offers established, practical solutions for side roads, pedestrian and cycle paths. The development of procedures for the maintenance planning of subordinate road networks was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy within the "Central Innovation Program for SMEs" (ZIM).

Cycle Paths

In 2010, HELLER developed a procedure for surveying and assessing the condition of cycle paths for the State Authority of Lower Saxony. The condition survey is carried out by a metrological inspection and the evaluation of road images. This method is cost-effective and can cover large networks in a short time. It has been successfully used over a length of 30,000 kilometers and forms the basis for strategic budget planning and operational planning of the necessary maintenance and renewal measures.

Benefit from the experience of the market leader

Especially when it comes to investment planning and the development of construction programs, adherence to schedules and (repeating) accuracy of the data are of great importance. Don't experiment and choose the market leader in condition survey and assessment:

  • Established, practical procedures
  • Professional support
  • Compelling results
  • Relief of the client

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced civil engineers. We will be happy to advise you on site and support you in organizing your ZEB project.

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