Organizational consulting for Asset Management (AM)

Asset Management stands for the systematic and coordinated planning, management and maintenance of an organization's assets (values). The Asset Management System defines the organizational framework. The ISO 55000 standard introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2014 provides users with a well-established set of rules.
HELLER has been a pioneer in road maintenance management for over 25 years, always keeping an eye on the latest trends and innovations. The company develops practical solutions for the application of Asset Management in the road sector.

Asset Management in the road sector

The processes for maintaining the road infrastructure are already highly developed in the road administrations and are based on established methods. The Asset Management System offers road administrations new orientation and decision-making aids. It brings together the existing processes and continuously improves them. For organizational consulting, HELLER is the reliable partner.

Services at a glance

  • Analysis and evaluation of inventory
  • Identification of potential for improvement
  • Definition of the scope of application
  • Development of the Asset Management System with documenting the goals, strategies and plans
  • Internal and external auditing
  • Certification
  • Training and further education

Skills in Asset Management

HELLER paves new ways for civil engineers. With skills in Asset Management, the engineers strengthen their position and have promising career opportunities. Asset Management provides convincing arguments and proven tools. In particular, the resources required for operation, construction and maintenance, or the effects of a lack of investment and employees, can be presented in such a way that politicians can address them specifically.

Training and further education

The Infrastructure Asset Management Academy (INFRAMA), initiated by Dr. Slawomir Heller, is specially tailored to road administrations and offers customized courses for both beginners and advanced users. With INFRAMA's training courses, administrations benefit from trained employees. The training program prepares managers and employees for everyday professional life. Practical engineering and management skills are imparted.

International Standards

The ISO 55000 standard introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2014 provides users with a well-established set of rules.

The standard is divided into three documents:

  • ISO 55000: 
    Overview, principles and terms
  • ISO 55001: 
    Requirements for Asset Management Systems
  • ISO 55002: 
    Guidelines for the implementation of Asset Management Systems


In cooperation with TÜV Hessen, HELLER offers road authorities customized concepts and solutions and helps them to achieve the certification successfully. This facilitates the process of the introduction and enables the continuous improvement of Asset Management. In addition, the awareness of employees, who thus actively participate in the further development and improvement of the individual elements, is strengthened and the external perception of the organization is increased. In 2017 and 2018, HELLER supported the road authorities of the district of Viersen and the city of Münster in setting up the Asset Management System. Both systems have been successfully certified according to ISO 55001. 

Achieving goals as a team

Consult HELLER and benefit in many ways from the introduction of an Asset Management System in your own organization - with or without certification:

  • Further development, coordination and documentation of processes
  • Development and evaluation of strategies
  • Bases of argumentation for politics
  • Efficient use of human resources
  • Sustainable financial planning
  • Safe management of risks
  • Improved data and information management
  • Good publicity

Asset Management leads you to success with new orientation and decision-making aids. We support you in taking the right step at the right time!

HELLER: Surely a good decision!