Services of HELLER (selection)

Pavement condition survey and assessment (ZEB)

The condition survey and assessment provides information on the maintenance needs of the substance and on the serviceability of the road infrastructure, and is thus an indispensable basis for technical and financial decisions in maintenance management. more

Maintenance Management (EMS)

Maintenance management requires efficient tools for the strategic and operational maintenance planning as well as field-tested approaches for the development of suitable maintenance strategies and construction programs. more

Pavement Management Systems (PMS)

Pavement Management Systems are designed to forecast the need for maintenance and to optimize the maintenance strategy. HELLER has been involved in the development of the procedures from the very beginning and supports the road authorities in applying the PMS and developing successful maintenance strategies. more

Consulting on Asset Management (AM)

HELLER paves new ways for decision-makers and employees in road administrations. With skills in Asset Management, engineers strengthen their position and have promising career opportunities. Asset Management provides convincing bases for argumentation as well as tried and tested tools. more

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, is designed to help an organization collect and update the various data in an efficient manner and use it in decision making at the strategic level or in planning at the operational level.
BIM is about the systematic coordination of data management processes within an organization or the exchange of data with the actors involved. HELLER has been supporting the construction administration in the design and implementation of BIM for many years.

Quality assurance and acceptance of construction work (QS BAU)

The quality of both the construction materials used and the execution of the works have a great influence on the service life of the roads and engineering structures. For that reason, it is worthwhile to invest in quality assurance. more

Bearing capacity assessment (FWD)

Information on bearing capacity facilitates the planning and prioritization of maintenance measures. Our experts support you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of FWD bearing capacity assessments. more

Valuation of fixed assets (DOPPIK)

Road infrastructure is one of the biggest assets of our society, accounting for more than 40 percent of the fixed assets. Maintaining these assets systematically is a major task. In particular, it requires tools and procedures with which the development of assets can be measured and evaluated in the long term. more

Maintenance management for flight operation areas

Ensuring that the airports are ready for operation is of fundamental importance for international trade and for Germany as a business location. In addition to the expansion and modernization of existing capacities, the main focus is on maintaining and renewing the flight operation areas. more