Social Responsibility

At HELLER, we consider ourselves a member of society because we benefit from it both personally and as a company. Whether by highly trained experts, who find their way into our team, or by a well-developed infrastructure simplifying our daily journey to work. Society gives us a lot and we want to give something back through personal commitment.

Many of our employees are already privately supporting local clubs, associations and aid organizations. So, they know first-hand about the extraordinary work being done there. In order to acknowledge their commitment and also to strengthen local charities, often performing their small and big miracles far from public attention, we at HELLER decide together on where and how to contribute to society as a company.

Behind each of our donations, sponsorships and activities, there is a personal story and the heart of our employees.

Support of the German Poland Institute

"The German Poland Institute (DPI) is a unique institution in Germany, founded in 1980 by Karl Dedecius for the reconciliation between Germany and Poland. The aim was to build a bridge between the two nations through culture and literature. Today, the DPI is a cultural and scientific institute with the largest Poland-related library in Germany and numerous projects. As a German-Polish company, it is a matter close to our hearts to harmonize our professional activities with our cultures and our social commitment. We stand for integration, but also for the appreciation and preservation of both cultures. Therefore, we support the DPI with regular donations and personal engagement."

Sławomir Heller

New wheels for the Rasselbande

"The Rasselbande is a day care centre in Neu-Anspach, a small town in Hesse. All my children were or still are in this KITA, as we call it in German. I myself have been the first chairman for several years. Because of these personal connections it is particularly important to me that the day care centre is properly equipped and the children are looked after in the best possible way. However, good care does not only mean having good teachers. There must also be enough resources available to fulfil the children's needs. That is why HELLER helped to renovate a classroom and supported the Rasselbande with a donation for new vehicles for children."

Christian Komma

Support of young talents at h_da

"The Department of Civil Engineering at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) has been offering one of the best educations for civil engineers since 1974. We know this from our own experience. Our team includes both students and graduates of the h_da, whose sound education we appreciate very much. To honor the outstanding educational activities and to cooperate even more closely in finding and supporting young talents, we have decided to become an official sponsor of the university."

Henning Balck