Milestones and Innovations

2022 Mobile App for OnKo3/EVE for the object and damage survey on site
2021 Practice-based method for condition prediction based on condition and measure data
2021 Application of AI methods for the recognition of objects and safety-relevant deficits
2021 Multi-dimensional linear profile for Building Information Modeling with transformation of geographic data into linear referencing system
2021 Nationwide mapping of ASB and GDF in the context of the Integrated Road Network (INS) basis for VEMAGS
2020 Web-based service for creating linear road profiles (DropEngine).
2020 Web-based services for municipal maintenance management (EMS).
2020 Training and continuing education program for Building Information Modeling (BIM)
2020 Cooperation JSTI Group with development of a maintenance management system for the Chinese market
2020 Process for modeling and linking cycle path networks with the road network
2020 Extension of the service portfolio to include FWD measurements on roads and airfields
2019 Procedure for network-wide detection and evaluation of bearing capacity using traffic speed dflectometer (TSD)
2019 Introduction of the web-based maintenance management system EMS (city Berlin)
2019 Procedures for condition assessment and evaluation of foot- and cycle paths
2018 Introduction of OnKo3 at the road administrations of the federal states
2017 First road authority with ISO-certified Asset Management
2017 10th Exchange of Experience "ZEB and Maintenance Management" in Darmstadt
2017 Foundation of the Infrastructure Asset Management Academy (INFRAMA)
2016 Development of a mobile app for the survey of secondary road networks (ZEN)
2016 Electronic accident information system eWypadki goes online in Poland
2016 Dr. Slawomir Heller appointed as head of the working group D.1.2 Dissemination and Education of Asset Management of the World Road Association PIARC
2015 Evaluation of 1.5 million kilometers of lanes since the company was founded
2014 Maintenance Management System hiEMS
2014 Commissioning of the IKS system for quality assurance in road construction (Straßen.NRW)
2014 Commissioning of the VERA system for traffic data management (Baden-Württemberg)
2013 Henning Balck and Christian Komma appointed as CEOs
2012 First load capacity measurement with the TSD in Germany (Bavaria)
2010 Commissioning of the IT-ZEB Server at the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
2010 Development of the standards for the network-wide condition survey and assessment (ZEB) on cycle paths along roads in Lower Saxony
2009 Development of a system for the merging of ASB and navigation networks as part of the study to create a nationwide road network Basis
2008 First system for designing and building professional road profiles: ProfileCustomizer
2007 Development of the first OKSTRA-compliant web services in Germany
2007 First Exchange of Experience "ZEB on state roads" in Darmstadt
2007 First online visualization of raw condition data with the web-based information system OnKo
2006 Development of the PMS I/O system
2006 First German pavement management system (PMS core)
2004 Development of procedures and tools for the standardized network allocation
2004 Development of the XML-based raw data formats of the ZEB
2001 Development of processes and procedures for the quality assurance in the condition survey and assessment (ZEB) including the introduction of the subproject TP0 for the provision of ZEB basic data and the development of the test software TP0-Check.
2001 First profile containing raw data for the ZEB quality assurance with embos representation of the transverse profiles
2001 Foundation of HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
1999 Development of the Improved Maintenance Planning (VEP) including procedures for the formation of the maintenance sections on behalf of the Bavarian Road Administration
1996 Foundation of Bühler Heller Ingenieurgesellschaft (BHI)
1993 Foundation of the department for construction and maintenance management at TÜ Hessen (Head: Dr. Heller)
1991 First road profile for the coordinated planning of construction operations (TÜ Hessen)
1990 First digitally created condition profile in Germany with the results of the initial condition survey and assessment (ZEB) (TÜ Hessen)
1988 Development of the DASTRA system for parameterized evaluation of condition data. DASTRA was used for the calibration of the first condition assessment for the federal highways in 1991 (TÜ Hessen)