4th exchange of experience: Ensuring the ZEB process

On December 5th and 6th 2011, the representatives of the federal states met in Darmstadt to exchange their experiences in the condition survey and assessment on national roads. As in previous years, the participation in the event was exceptional: Almost all German federal states were represented. This showed once again that the format chosen for the event was in line with the expectations of the participants.

The participants and the organizer (HELLER) had worked out the program in advance. This way, all the topics were up-to-date and corresponded to the most important tasks of the road construction administrations. During the two-day event, the representatives of the federal states presented their technical papers, while employees of HELLER moderated the conference and were responsible for the organization.

The exchange of experience generated international interest so that not only German experts contributed to the conference: Peter Lechner represented Austria, Zbigniew Tabor (Director of the Silesian Road Administration) represented Poland. More neighboring countries could participate in the next exchange of experience. Some cantons in Switzerland have already expressed interest in sending representatives to the next meeting. However, the organizer and the states agree that the number of participants should remain around 30. In this way, the event will keep its manageable size and continue to be tailored to the needs of the states.

This year, the topics were grouped into three modules: the quality, further evaluation and the provision of condition data.

Since all participants had practical experience with the condition survey and assessment, they were able to discuss the topics in detail. In the contributions and discussions, they exchanged their positive as well as their negative experiences.

All contributions were compiled in a booklet that also contains the conference transcripts recorded by employees of HELLER. Each participant received a digital copy of the booklet.