First Onko3 Webinar

The first OnKo3 webinar took place on 25th of July 2023. About 140 OnKo3 users participated in the online event. The long-term goal of the OnKo3 webinar series is to exchange experiences with users in order to further develop the maintenance management of roads with the visualization software OnKo3 in the most user-friendly and demand-oriented way possible.

During the meeting, tips and tricks for using OnKo3 and the latest functions were presented. In addition, the focus was also on the exchange of users' experiences. Surveys showed a clearly positive mood.

The webinar is not to remain the first and only one of its kind. It is planned to organize further webinars in the future. In addition to current information on OnKo3, the upcoming webinars will focus on various technical topics, such as creating and prioritizing a construction program with Onko3, the maintenance of implemented measures, the automatic key figure calculation, condition comparisons or the analysis of the ZEB results table.

The next webinar is scheduled for the end of September. All OnKo3 users and those who would possibly like to become one are cordially invited to attend. If you have a current account for using OnKo3, we will let you know! Otherwise feel free to contact us.