HELLER leads the way in assessing the condition of cycle paths

With new orders in the amount of 20,000 km HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH underlines its leading position in the condition assessment of cycle paths.

After the first cycle path project in 2006, HELLER developed a method for the Lower Saxony State Authority for Road Construction and Traffic (NLSTBV) in 2010 to survey, evaluate and asses the condition of cycle paths. The condition is recorded by means of a measurement based survey and the evaluation of GPS-tracks and images. This method is cost-effective and allows the recording of large networks in a short time. It has been successfully used by HELLER over a length of 50,000 kilometers and forms the basis for strategic budget planning and operational planning of the necessary maintenance and renewal measures. Since 2019, HELLER has been evaluating the evenness by means of the longitudinal profile. The evaluation of the surface distress is based on high-resolution surface images. An important further development is currently underway. HELLER engineers are developing a new standard for a multidisciplinary network model to be used in new projects from 2020.

Whether municipal or regional, HELLER's experts are focusing on standardizing processes and procedures for the assesment of the condition of cycle paths. Assesing the condition of cycle paths is not a one-off event. It is about mapping the demand in a transparent and demand-oriented way. Only in this way can trends in the development of the condition be mapped and the necessary maintenance strategies derived. HELLER: Always a good decision!