Increasing demand for pavement condition assessment on district level

The condition assessment and evaluation process, originally developed to evaluate federal roads and highways, is becoming increasingly important for district road maintenance management.

In the 2020/2021 fiscal year, HELLER served 24 districts with the ZEB. Some of these counties already realized their 3rd measurement campaign.
In addition to the preparation of condition maps and statistics, the formation and prioritization of maintenance sections is now part of the scope of services for almost every project. HELLER is also increasingly in demand as an expert in the field of needs assessment and condition forecasting. In the area of roadside cycle paths, the procedure developed by HELLER in 2010 for the state of Lower Saxony is frequently used. For the use of ZEB data in maintenance management, HELLER provides the online platform OnKo3 to the districts. The system can be extended from a simple viewer to a complete pavement management system. Many counties are already using it as a road information database.

Several new projects are already planned for 2022. It is advisable to put the acquisition out to tender in good time so that the limited resources on the market are reserved. Are you planning your own ZEB? Our contact person Daniel Hilpert will be happy to advise you on the possible options.