HELLER zieht positive Jahresbilanz

Despite the pandemic-related contact restrictions and the predominant work in the home office, the year 2021 was very positive for HELLER. Among other things, new business relationships were established with foreign companies and the company and its products were strategically further developed.

Henning Balck und Christian Komma blicken zuversichtlich in die Zukunft
Henning Balck und Christian Komma blicken zuversichtlich in die Zukunft

In the area of pavement condition survey and assessment, the customer base was significantly expanded. In addition to established users at the federal and state level, numerous new counties and municipalities took advantage of HELLER's services. The area of condition assessment of bicycle facilities and sidewalks was again expanded, not least through the use of new recording methods and the expansion of the management solution. Demand for HELLER's online solutions, especially OnKo3, for infrastructure management remains high.

In 2021, two new systems for foreign partners were put into operation here. In addition, the contract with the Federal Highway Research Institute for the provision of condition data via the IT-ZEB portal was extended and a service contract was concluded with Autobahn GmbH for the provision of an online solution for the management and use of traffic data.

Currently, the focus is on the expansion of the business premises. After completion of the construction work, the employees will have more space for the development of new ideas and products. The managing directors Henning Balck and Christian Komma, together with the team of HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, are looking to the future with confidence.