HEmisphere - The new information system from Hessen Mobil

On 19.04. the new Auskuftsystem HEmisphere was officially launched by Heiko Durth, President of the Hessian Road Administration. With HEmisphere, the road data managed in SIB-Hessen can be accessed from all workplaces, i.e. from the head office to the master workshops.

This includes the road network, administrative information and, above all, inventory and condition data. The data can be visualized on maps, in longitudinal and transverse profiles, or presented in tabular form. In addition, the on-site situation can be assessed on the basis of route images, which represents a great added value for daily work.

The launch of HEmisphere was flanked by two introductory training sessions. More than two hundred employees of Hessen Mobil took part and were shown the possibilities of the system by the project manager Mareike Simon. Further training sessions on specific topics in smaller groups will follow, so that the optimal use of the system can be demonstrated to target groups.  

HEmisphere is a system developed by HELLER based on the OnKo3 client and the EVE platform. Both the client and the platform were customized for this purpose and additional functions were added. HEmisphere replaces a number of older specialist systems and offers new, practical functions. The integration of data from different systems is of particular importance for Hessen Mobil.