Strong presence of INFRAMA at the InfraBIM conference

INFRAMA, the educational initiative of the HELLER Group, was a key participant at the InfraBIM conference held in Gliwice, Poland, from 13 to 16 October 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, the contributions were presented on the web and discussions were held online.

Dr. Sławomir Heller und Dr. Agata Ciołkosz-Styk diskutieren über Mythen und Stereotypen im Asset Management und BIM

The conference was held for the 4th time and was organized by the European Center for BIM Certification and infraTEAM. While the moderation took place in a special studio, the panelists and speakers were connected online from various locations in Poland and from several European locations. Shortly before the opening of the conference, it was hoped that the current corona situation would still make it possible for BIM and Asset Management experts from Europe to meet in Poland's largest venue, the Gliwice Arena. Accordingly, the Infrastructure Asset Management Academy INFRAMA held a workshop lasting several hours with an attractive business game under the provocative title: "Is there room for BIM in Asset Management? - Dealing with the clichés" was prepared. The "myths and misunderstandings" surrounding asset management and BIM were discussed and the contents of the management disciplines were explored on the basis of established norms and concrete examples. Due to the limitations associated with modern video conferencing systems, a dialog-based presentation was held instead of the planned workshop. This was very well received by the participants. The presentation was recorded and will soon be published in full length with English subtitles on the InfraBIM conference portal.

During the conference, panel discussions and so-called "Hyde Parks" were also organized with the participation of politicians, representatives of authorities and BIM experts from industry and science. Dr. Heller was invited to a "Hyde Park" to discuss the topic "Competence of BIM Managers" and had the opportunity to present INFRAMA's concept for implementing a management-oriented BIM.
The feedback of the participants showed once again that the HELLER group is on the right track with