13th exchange of experience ZEB and maintenance management on 23 - 24.04.2024

Progress is created through innovation and exchange. Since 2007, the ZEB and maintenance management exchange of experience in Darmstadt has been a permanent institution for users, experts from road authorities, universities and innovative companies and an opportunity to talk to colleagues. After a long break, we are pleased to invite you to the 13th exchange of experience on ZEB and maintenance management on 23 - 24.04.2024 in Darmstadt.

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A lot has happened since we last shared our experiences in September 2019. The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work and communicate. Distributed working offers many new opportunities, but it also presents us all with major challenges. Efficient working is no longer possible without consistent digitalization.

Together, we would like to discuss the latest procedures and methods relating to ZEB and maintenance management and shed light on the question of whether our regulations are still up to date and whether we have already arrived in the new reality with digitalization:

Self-critically, we would like to ask whether the ZTV-ZEB-StB 06 (2018) is sufficient for the objectives and requirements of modern maintenance management in 2024 or whether there is a need for action. 

More and more local authorities are embarking on systematic maintenance management and recording and evaluating the condition. The range of solutions on offer is enormous and is increasingly presenting local authorities with major challenges. How does E EMI 2012 support local authorities and what basic principles are still required for a successful maintenance management system?

Data is collected everywhere and all the time. When surfing the internet, when using a cell phone and now even when driving a car. Fleet data (FCD for Floating Car Data) is offered by various car manufacturers. The promises are great, but what added value does the data offer for maintenance management?

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has fully arrived in society. The possibilities of AI seem limitless. What does this mean for maintenance management? Where are the opportunities and what are the risks and limitations?

When talking about digitalization, terms such as digital twin and BIM quickly come up. But what exactly are digital twins and what significance does BIM have in maintenance management?

In order to find the right solutions for the challenges of the future, we need not only innovation but also expertise and experience. To what extent can public procurement law help us find the right partners?

The topics are wide-ranging and affect road construction administrations at all levels. You can look forward to exciting presentations, interesting discussions and a collegial exchange in Darmstadt.

Participation in the 13th Exchange of Experience is still free of charge. If you would like to support us with your own contribution in the form of a presentation, please contact us!

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