INFRAMA organizes workshop for ASFINAG on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Many Germans associate the ASFINAG with the vignettes or "Pickerl", which are purchased for transfers on the motorways in Austria. The funds from the sale of the vignettes, and the income from the truck toll and the 6 special toll routes, are used to finance, plan, build and maintain the trunk roads.

The cost of maintaining and renewing the 2,223-kilometre-long motorway network, the 383 kilometres of tunnel tubes and a total of 5,769 bridges amounts to around EUR 1.2 billion annually.

In order to be able to maintain and expand the heavily used road network in line with requirements, ASFINAG has been operating a modern asset management system for years. For this purpose, the employees of the Asset Management department use the best practices and standards worldwide and regularly hold workshops for their own further training and education or for the further development of the system.

Dr. Heller has prepared and led some of these seminars. These seminars dealt, for example, with the practical application of the relevant ISO standards in the context of asset management.

Following the workshops on the application of the ISO 55000 (Asset Management) and ISO 31000 (Risk Management) standards, this year a workshop was held on the topic of "Fundamentals and applications of Building Information Modeling (BIM) according to ISO 19650 and the integration into ASFINAG's Asset Management".

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the requirements and benefits of the current standard on Building Information Modeling for practical implementation in ASFINAG's Asset Management together with the infrastructure managers. Due to the pandemic, the seminar in May 2020 was not held on site but as a webinar. The contents were divided into two 4-hour sessions.

The workshop, just like the previous events, was realized under the umbrella of INFRAMA. The Infrastructure Asset Management Academy was founded by the HELLER Group for further education and training in the field of asset management. In recent years, numerous training courses and workshops on various topics have been held in Poland and in German-speaking countries. Since the beginning of 2020, the training offered by INFRAMA has been certified by TÜV. All participants receive a certificate upon successful participation.