2nd exchange of experience: ZEB and maintenance management

After the successful first exchange of experience "ZEB on state roads" with the participation of almost all federal states in October 2007, the representatives of numerous road authorities asked us to organize the follow-up event. Desired topics were suggested and a lot of experts expressed their interest in preparing presentations. As a result, HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH coordinated the contents of the contributions in numerous discussions with the representatives of the federal states and integrated them into the exchange of experience program accordingly.

The voting showed that the federal states are still focused on the problems of the implementation of the ZEB as well as on the further analyses of the ZEB results. In addition, quality assurance and the online deployment of ZEB data were identified as important and current topics. The program of the second exchange of experience was oriented on these topics and requests. On the 9th and 10th December 2009, 50 representatives of the road authorities and other delegates returned to Darmstadt and followed the speakers' contributions with great interest. In addition, many open discussions emerged. Participants could gather a lot of useful information and perceptions.

We would like to thank all speakers and participants for another successful exchange of experience.